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How to Download Alight Motion for iOS

Let’s have a talk about video editing on iOS devices. Video content is a big deal while using social media every day. Alight Motion is one of best video editing tool, which is employed for professional, is available for iOS, iPad and MAC or alight motion for PC. You can download the updated version of the alight motion for iOS. Alight Motion is used to add transition effect and realistic effect to your phot and video giving it totally a professional and realism effect.

If you want to make your photos social media posts and many more to be too awesome and your videos fantastic then this alight motion latest version suits best to be used because of its highly remarkable animation, unique effects which are easily accessible. This application is completely free and provide a friendly interface for its user for using it.

Alight Motion iOS Version

Alight motion ipa is the one of the best video editing application with aim to create the professional projects, animated videos and many more things. This application is just like a mini studio in your pocket to create videos and everything.

Well, iOS devices are more famous for their high quality display and its efficiency for creating the videos and images. In addition, use of alight motion for iOS version provide more features for seamless editing experience because of its multitude features.


Let’s cracks some of the important features of alight motion for iOS while using it on iOS, iPad and alight motion for mac.

Multilayered Support

This is the application free alight motion pro iOS where magic happens because you can use multilayer of graphics, audio and video in your project at a single time. This looks like a multilayered art. You can create complex animation and effects by creating multiple layer

Visuals animation and Effects

Alight motion for iOS have a huge collection of visual animation and effects which make easier to create content or video projects. This application have everything you need like blending effect, particle effects and many animation effects. Its looks like a crayons for video editing.

Keyframe Feature

The fundamental blocks for animation is the use of keyframes which you can manipulate easily and precisely in the alight motion for iOS. By using the keyframes feature, one can create smooth transition, animate the text to move and the objects in the video in more interesting way in . In alight Motion for iOS, you have a complete access over your project.

Color Grading or Color Correction (CC)

Alight motion can help you to add dramatic, pump effect and cinematic effect to your videos. For achieving ideal vibe, you can grade your recorded videos by applying different filers and colors. It looks much cooler, just like putting on the pair of the stylish sunglasses

Option for Sharing and Exporting Project

Once you have done with you project, then its need to be shared with the whole world. Alight Motion offers a variety of resolutions and formats to export the project. Alight Motion for iOS provides you the feature by using it you are able to save the project to your mobile or you can directly share it on your social media accounts. It’s just like having direct contact with your audience.


You can add various fonts in multiple layer to your video because alight motion for iOS provide you with many number of beautiful and useful fonts.  By using these fonts you can make your project either a video or image more cool and amazing.

How to start with the Alight Motion for iOS

Are you ready to jump in? Here is the complete step by step procedure to setup Alight Motion for iOS devices.

Download and Install the APP

First thing you need to do is the downloading the Alight motion APK which you can download simply from the apple app store just like downloading other application. If you want to try mod version you can simple used Alight Motion Mod Apk provided by me. Once you have done with downloading, you are ready to create your project

Creating your first project

When you open the app, you will be able to see a User interface which is clear, friendly and easy to use. When you begin your project, after clicking on the start project you will be asked to choose format, aspect ratio, resolution and frame rate. You have to pick according to your project. It’s just like picking canvas for a painting.

Acknowledge the Interface

Alight Motion have interface which is impulsive with many tools and features which are laid down in such a way that they make sense and easy to use and understand. Your timeline will be at bottom, all tools are at the top and the layers on the side. In the start, it looks too complicated but don’t worry you’ll quickly get hang of it.

Tips for using Alight motion for iOS

Here are some tips regarding about Alight motion for iOS, consider the advices given below.

Effective use of Keyframes

Keyframes are the major core of animation. If you want to create smooth and creative animation and transition you simple have to get focus on creating right keyframes.

Making Visual Effects

Alight motion have ton of inbuilt visuals effect which you can access easily. Keep going on try different visual effects and see how your video looks. It’s just similar to adding spices to a dish; small amount goes a long away.

Experiments with Layers

The use of multiple layers helps to create complex animation and effects. To see how the different layers interact with each go on adding different text layer, graphics layer and video layers. It’s similar like building a skyscraper that every layer add dimension and depth.

Export the Project

Once you have done with your project, you’ll need to export it to share with friend or to you social media. Alight motion provides you with different exporting options you have to choose whether which suits your project. You can possibly export your project in different formats, resolutions and even with transparent or translucent background. It’s like selecting a paper for wrapping a gift.


So, is alight motion is a best app for you or not? If you are searching for an editing tool for iOS which is versatile, adaptive and features-rich, it’s definitely worth it. One of the best thing is that, alight motion provides something to everyone whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro editor. Try it then you’ll discover why both content creators and video enthusiasts start loving it.  

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