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Top 50 Badass Alight Motion Presets Pumps XML Download 2024

Alight motion pro has become a powerful application for mobile video editors, offering a vast array of animation and effects.  The alight motion presets pumps effects popular feature that adds dynamic movement to your edits. It can also elevate the visual allure of your videos. This article explores the Alight Motion Presets Pumps effect 2024 by using XMLs file. It also examines its applications, creation and customization options.

What are Pumps Effect?

The alight motion presets pumps effect produces a rhythmic expansion and contraction of video or images. For example, a visual object will expand and contract in rhythmic movements. It adds energy to your video and helps draw attentions to certain parts. Commonly used for:

For Intros and Outros

Add a pump effect to the beginning or ending sequence of your video.

Transitions Effect

Create dynamic and professional transitions by using these pumps effect on the video clips.

Highlighting a Special Parts

Bring attention to certain objects or text by pumping them, grabbing the audience or viewers’ eye.

Benefits of Alight Motion Pumps Effect XML

Alight motion presets pumps effect inject energy into your video and helps you to draw attention to certain parts. The real power comes from using pre-formed Pump effects in XML files. Here are some benefits of using XML file:

Saving time and Maximizing Efficiency

Prebuilt Effects

There is no need to create pump effect manually. The XML file contain already pre-formed pumps and many animations which will save your times.

Quick implementation

Import the XML and apply it to your any video you want to be edit. This will help you to focus on the other aspect of your video to make it more professional and dynamic by saving much of your time.

Customization is possible

Modify the Effect

The downloaded XML is a good starting point if you are a beginner in the field of video editing. You can analyze and learn about the effects to be used in other videos because they can be modify.

Control the Pump

Modify the values of effects in XML to adjust the speed, intensity and timing of the pump. This gives you precise control to final effect.

Learning and Exploration

Understanding Animation Principle

When you analyze pre-formed XMLs for pump effects, it will give you a quick look at animation curves and their control. This will be an invaluable experience of learning for animators

Step from basic to Advance Editing

Using XMLs that are pre-formed can be stepping-stone for creating custom pump effects. You will get more experience when you explore and analyze XML file for animation and other editing techniques.

Creation of alight motion presets Pumps effect

Pump effects can be added to your videos through two ways which are:

Create Pumps Effect Manually

Here are the steps to create effects manually, just follow up the following simple steps:

Create Layers

Upload your video clip or picture onto the timeline. Duplicate this layer to get the pump effect in different element.

Set Keyframes

To add a pump effect in alight motion, you can begin by selecting the layer where you wish to apply the pump effect. To set a keyframe, click on the “scale property” of the layer

Scale Animation

Move the timeline a few frames ahead. Scale value can be increased by 5-10% to create a pump effect. Press the stopwatch icon to add another keyframe.

Animate forward

Move several frames forward, and lower the scale value slightly to original value. This will create a small indentation. Here, set another keyframe

Refine and Repeat

Continue to repeat step 3 and 4, creating rapid sequence of Bulges and pumping motion. You can fine-tune intensity and speed by adjusting the number of keyframes and scale changes.


You can add easing to keyframes for making the pump effect more natural. You can adjust the easing curve by clicking on the next to the keyframe.

Using Alight Motion Presets Pumps XML

Follow these steps once you have downloaded a Pump Effect XML for your project:

Open Alight motion app

Open the alight motion app and add your project on which you want to apply the pump effect.

Import Alight Motion Presets Pumps XML

Locate the downloaded XML file in your device and start importing in alight motion. Alight motion asks you to confirm import. If you are unaware with this step you can visit here to learn.

Apply the effect

In your project timeline, the imported effect will be displayed as a group or a single layer. Please move the group to the layer where you desire the effect to be applied.


To access the properties of effects in the XML you have to double click on it. By doing this, you can change the speed of pumps by changing the keyframe duration. Few XMLs offer customization option such as easing.


Alight motion pump effect made manually or used from XMLs files add dynamic beat to video. These pump effect are most commonly used for intros, outros, transition and highlighting the part of video making it more engaging for viewers. By using these pump effects you can elevate your editing efficiency and make visually engaging content for your viewers.

One important thing necessary to remember that, experimentation is key to success! Explore different XMLs and even try creating your own pump effects to take your alight motion project to next level.

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