Alight Motion CC Presets Download 2024

Alight Motion CC Presets Download 2024

Alight Motion CC XML 2024

Learn the use of Alight Motion CC Presets Download 2024. Alight motion is a very famous and versatile mobile video editor application that has acquired a lot of popularity from recent few years. Its interface provide provides you with frame-by frame controls, it can take a long time to achieve highly professional and trendy effects of color grading. 4k cc alight motion preset are the most rapid and easy way to create professional-looking edits according to your desire.

Introduction to Alight Motion CC XMLs

CC stands for Color Correction and XML, also known as Extensible Markup Language, is a file that contains instructions for editing. Alight Motion CC Presets download 2024 are pre-made effects with highly professionalized color grading with filter combinations and animations with give your project a professional look. When you add these alight motion presets to your project then your project will be transformed into color graded clip.

Benefits of Using Alight Motion Presets File

Saves your time

If you want to create professional and trendy color effects and color grading own its own then it will be a lengthy procedure you gave to complete. Therefore, there is a presets file which contains ready-made pre made templates with highly color grading effects. Presets file will allow you to experiment too rapidly or quickly way of getting different styles or effects.

Enhance your Skills

Presets file also enhance your skills of crafting many famous color grading templates for your project because you can observe how an effect can be utilize with to do professional color grading. Using Presets you can analyze the changes and gain invaluable experience.

Consistent results

There will build a collaboration with many editors when they shares their presets with each other. Imagine working on project with team where everyone uses same presets to maintain a consistent style throughout all videos.

Are you ready for making your video or project smooth and elegant to unlock fresh looks? The Alight Motion Presets are quickly way to create professional-looking edits.

How to Use Alight Motion Presets File ?

The following are the steps to guide you thoroughly step by step of how to use the Alight motion cc presets download 2024 file

Download the CC XML file

You have to download the alight motion cc presets download 2024 file which is provided to end of the article. Don’t worry this XML file is compatible with all versions of alight motions.

Add Alight Motion CC Presets Download 2024

When you have downloaded the presets file from the link below then upload it to alight motion app. If you are unaware how to import XML file in alight motion you can learn simply by clicking here.

Open the alight motion app

Open or launch the alight motion app in your mobile tablet or PC where ever you want.

Open or create the project

First of all create project and import the video or whatever on which you want to add the alight motion CC presets download 2024 effect and make it more smooth and elegant and add a professional touch to your project.

Apply effects from CC XML

 It can be done by two ways. First is that import whole XML file into your project and appears on the timeline in the project. Then drag the layer on to the video where you want to add effect. Occasionally, it may not behave as expected.

However, rest assured, I’ve devised a solution. Follow these instructions, and you’ll be ready to advance. First create project other than original one and add only XML file in it. Select the layer of In XML file. Then you will see the effects button. Simply click on it, and you’ll gain access to all the effects. You just have to copy it and then go to main project and select the video clip on to which you want to add effects. Afterwards, the effect will be applied to your video.

Tips and Tricks

Adjust the opacity of the alight motion CC presets download 2024 file which add a unique look to your project.


Alight Motion cc presets download 2024 are powerful tool for all levels of video editors. They can be used to speed up your editing process, open new creative possibilities and even as a learning tool. Explore the word of Presets and different styles to elevate your Alight Motion editing.