Import Presets in Alight Motion alight motion presets

Import Presets in Alight Motion Effects 2024

How to Import Presets in Alight motion

The array of creative possibilities provided by Alight Motion’s built-in effects is extensive. You can get more magic from your animations by importing alight motion effects from XML files. These files are also called presets. They include pre-designed effects and animations that smoothly blend into your project effortlessly. This article will walk you through how to import presets in Alight Motion. It adds some zing to your workflow and transforms it.

Steps to Import Preset In Alight Motion

Here are the steps to Import Preset in Alight Motion involves…

Download XML File

Download the XML first. Click here to download alight motion preset or alight motion effects presets. Save the XML to your device.

: Accessing the Templates Tab

After downloading the XML, launch Alight Motion on your device. The interface will have three tabs: Templates Projects and media. Find the Templates tab located at the bottom right corner of your screen, or alternatively, at the bottom-left depending on your device’s orientation. This tab is where you can import presets alight motion and effects.

Uploading the XML file

Find the Upload Button under the Templates Tab. This button will often be prominently displayed on the top. Tapping the Upload button allows you to access the File Manager on your device. From there, you can browse the downloaded XML file containing alight motion presets instagram and select it. To initiate the upload, tap on the Upload button. Then, locate the downloaded file within your device’s storage and tap on the corresponding folder.

Importing animation

Alight Motion begins to upload the XML file. The upload time can vary depending upon the size and complexity of the animation data. The animation will be displayed in the Templates tab after the upload is complete. You can display the animation either as a thumbnail, or by listing it.

 Importing Animation

The fun begins! Tap on the thumbnail of the animation or the filename to use it in your project. This action adds pre-programmed data to a new video in your project timeline. This animation can be further customized by changing its properties in the editing interface.


Alight Motion has some great built-in animation effects, but you can unlock more magic by importing XML or alight motion coloring presets. First you have to know how to import presets in Alight Motion. Search online for “Alight Motion XML Presets”. Click “Upload” in Alight Motion to select the downloaded file.

The animation will then appear under the Templates tab. Tap on the thumbnail or filename of the animation to add it as a video layer into your project timeline. The editing interface allows you to further customize the animation. You have the capability to streamline the animation process, adding professional alight motion presets to your videos seamlessly.