alight motion alternatives for PC

Edit Smarter: 6 Stunning Alight Motion Alternatives for PC 2024

Top 6 Alight Motion Alternatives for PC

Video editing is becoming more and more popular now than before. If you are the content creator or a professional editor for marketing or whether who are you, if you wish to craft a highly visualized engaging content, choosing a right useful editing tool is essential.

Alight motion is the most popular such a video editing tool. It can be easily used in the Android but while using it on the PC for some user it create some errors like Exporting Errors, lag and many more. This show that their PC is not compatible with that video editing tools so there is need to consider an alternative of alight motion. Let’s dive to examine some of the best Alight Motion alternatives for PC and explore the top alternatives available easily. 

Understanding Alight Motion

 Alight motion gained much more popularity because of its friendly interface, ease of using it and many extensive features. Alight motion covers the range of the video editing tools feature from basic like splitting and trimming to advance like Keyframing, visuals effects, color grading and many 3D animations. However on the other hand, it has mobile-centric interface which can limit its performance and capabilities on PC, results in many users to seek alight motion alternatives for PC.

Why consider Alight Motion Alternatives for PC

Using PC for video editing has enormous number of benefits like editing on larger screen provide you with detailed view of your project, more impressive processing power and great control by using keyboard and mouse. However, using alight motion on pc can lead to compatibility issues or as software isn’t optimized for desktop use. So, for more efficient and smoother editing, it is essential to find a best alight motion alternatives for PC which is specially designed for the PC.

Top Alight Motion alternatives for PC

There are many powerful and robust video editing software for pc. Let’s have a look on top alight motion alternatives for PC and what features they offers

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is most powerful tool in world of the video editing software. It is a professional-grade tool with a ton of features, like advance editing options, audio and video control, and color grading and visual effects. Most of the professionals preferred it because of the interaction of this software with Adobe Products like After Effects and Photoshop. It is most suitable for experienced because its extensive features come with learning curve.


  • Extensive  tools and Various features
  • Seamless interaction with additional Adobe Software
  • Continual Assistance and Updates


  • Can be overwhelming for Beginners
  • Subscription based Pricing

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is Apple’s main video editing software, which offers a slick and user-friendly interface and strong editing features. The professional video editors who prioritizes the quick performance it is an excellent option because of its exceptional speed and efficiency. It has a unique and special magnetic like timeline allow easy rearranging and cutting the pieces of video project.


  • Friendly Interface
  • Outstanding Performance For MAC users
  • 360 Degree Editing


  • Only for Mac Users
  • Upfront Costs

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is a complete and comprehensive video editing software for its superb color grading capabilities. Professional filmmakers love and recommend it because of its precision in editing tools and advanced audio control. The finest part? It offers a free version that includes most of best and essential features.


  • Remarkable Color Grading Tools
  • Free version with abundance of features
  • Inbuilt and Intuitive Interface


  • Very advanced features so learning curve is required
  • Requires system resources

HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express is a fantastic choice because it combines video editing with special effects, for those creator who want to give Hollywood style effects to their projects or videos. This software has free version with a large number of features along with the free version it also offers premium versions.


  • Powerful features in free version
  • A unique and fantastic combination of video editing with special effects
  • Supportive team for help


  • New users have to face complex interface


Shotcut is open-source video editing tool which have a wide variety of effects at no cost. This is an excellent choice for those creators who are looking for a free alternative with powerful and robust video editing tool. Shotcut supports various codecs and formats for editing which make it a versatile choice for different projects and videos.


  • Free of cost
  • Various formats and codecs for different projects
  • Advance editing features


  • Limited built-in effects and transitions
  • Interface takes time to open


Filmora is a fantastic choice for editors or creators who are beginners in the field of video editing. It has a variety of pre inbuilt effects, Transitions, shake effects, and many more. Its interface is so simple, just a drop-and-drag interface. This software doesn’t have advanced features like other tools but it is a perfect tool for simple projects and quick edits.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Pre in-built effects and animations


  • Limited advance tool
  • Watermark on the free version

How to Choose Right Alternative

To find the best alight motion alternatives for PC, consider these key factors:

Ease of use

Choose that video editing tool that suits your interest, editing style and the most important that it must have easy to use interface.


You have to know which features you have to use in your project then select that tool which offers that features in free version or easy access.


Choose that software or tool according to you computer or PC specification and operating system.

Tips for Switching Alight Motion with PC Alternative

Some adjustments are required for using Alight Motion Alternative for PC. Here are some important useful tips:

Explore the new Software

Spend time to explore the new video editing software its compatibilities and watch tutorials about using it.


              Try out the new program by modifying a few tiny projects to become accustomed to its workflow and user interface.


Choosing the best video editing software for your computer make a big enhancement in your experience and improve quality of your project. Even alight motion is a good application, but these alternatives offers more sophisticated features, enhanced performance and increased flexibility. Consider your requirements and need according to your project when choosing the right tool for you.